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Tenor - André Cruz

André was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1988. He began his piano studies at the age of five until he was nine. Since then, he devoted his time to choirs. At the age of seventeen, he started conducting the Staccato Ensemble vocal group and, since 2007, became a member of the Lisboa Cantat Symphonic Choir. At the age of eighteen, he started the Singing course at the National Conservatory Music School in Lisbon, Portugal. Since 2011, became a member of the Lisboa Cantat Chamber Choir and also a member of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation's Choir. Academically he has performed also in Interpretation Masterclasses with the conductor Armando Vidal and João Paulo Santos and in Kurt Thomas Course (conducting course) as soloist. In 2014, André was a member of Meesters & Gezellen and Tenso Europe Chamber Choir under the guidance of Kaspars Putninš.

Currently, Andre is studying Choir Conducting with Rob Vermeulen and Singing with Jón Þorsteinsson at Utrecht’s Conservatory. At the same time he's a constant member of EuropaChorAkademie.

In Germany he works as vocal coach in cooperation with Prof. Joshard Daus in his Brahms Chor, besides giving choir classes at the Musikschule Bremen. During his conducting studies has already presented a project from scratch, the première of the Portuguese Opera "A Vingança da Cigana".


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